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Pilsen - the european capital of culture 2015: The Slovany district


The Future City Games in Pilsen districts engage the residents in the process of bid preparation for the European Capital of Culture in 2015 by challenging them to find innovative and creative solutions to improve the quality of life in the city.


The game in the Pilsen 2 district - Slovany addressed the district’s main challenges. The ideas generated were discussed with residents and experts in individual areas of work. Two days of brainstorming and research led to four ideas to improve the quality of life in the Slovany district.

The game was implemented in cooperation with the Centre for Community Work in West Bohemia (CpKP), The European Projects Coordination Unit of the City of Pilsen and the Council of Pilsen Slovany.

Winning idea

Svetovar Brewery - a Multipurpose Facility 

The winning idea focuses on revitalising individual areas in the district, with special focus on the reconstruction of the former Svetovar Brewery. The team was inspired by the examples of revitalised old industrial zones in the UK. Despite being easily accessible and having a number of parking spaces, the brewery is in disuse. Since the Slovany district lacks a facility that would offer its residents various activities, the team decided to transform the Svetovar Brewery into a social and cultural centre, incorporating a multipurpose hall, exhibition spaces, and a youth club.

Winning ideas from the other teams

Cultural Events Area

The idea focuses on the needs of residents in their leisure time, and connects pure relaxation with a cultural experience suitable for the whole family. There are several suitable premises in the Slovany district: the former barracks, the surrounding area of the town hall, the new ‘U jeziska’ park, the ‘Serikovka’ cultural facility, etc. The new leisure area would host various live music events, small-scale performances for children and adults, etc.

Chvojkovy Mines: an Open-Air Amphitheatre 

This team focused on the reconstruction of the Chvojkovy mines, which are an ideal venue for cultural events. The venue is easily accessible by public transport and also enables wheelchair access. The Chvojkovy’ mines could become a popular venue, hosting a number of events including concerts by professional and amateur musicians, children’s performances, medieval festivals, local thematic fairs, Slovany Day, open-air art workshops.

The team came up with three reconstruction proposals:

- The transformation of the public toilet building (today’s AVE gallery, with a terrace) into a café with an all-year-round programme

- The construction of an open-air theatre on the side of the hill, designed in the form of a ship

- The current stage covered by umbrellas – an alternative stage would require new roofing.

Music Springs of Plzen: International Choir Festival

Interviews with residents show that they perceive the Slovany district as ‘culturally dead’ and that they support an event that would transform their district into a livelier place. The idea focuses on the cultural revival of Slovany district, including the creation of an alternative cultural centre in Pilsen, making better use of current facilities, starting a cultural tradition in Slovany, bridging the gap in the music industry, raising awareness of choir singing, making citizens actively involved in cultural events. The festival would take place in May/June, when there are no major events in Pilsen, and could be a joint project of music industry experts, the Music Culture Department at the University, schools, and the Council of Pilsen Slovany. The festival would bring about the revitalisation of the area, Slovany would become a sought-after location, and it would engage residents.