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Promzone 2.0: A new life of the industrial past


The game was played on October 23, 2009 at Flacon Design-zavod, a new creative cluster in Moscow. The participants (Flacon residents, local authorities, creative people, business people, European experts and students) were working out visions for developing Flacon as a creative centre of the Butyrsky district and the city in general.


The aim of the game was to generate new ideas for developing the Butyrsky district infrastructure, and Flacon design-zavod as its creative and cultural centre, and facilitate dialogue between all stakeholders. The game also facilitated an exchange of experience among participants and helped them create a shared working space. The game was co-organised by the British Council, Theory and Practice, and Flacon design - zavod, with the support of Moscow City Government. 

You can take a look at the lectures of some of the European experts who took part at the event:

- What is promzone 2.0? by Maria Fadeeva and Nikolay Palazhchenko

- Architecture, design, fashion by Mark Eley

- Co-working space: Comfortable? Productive? Affordable?

- City 2.0: Informational technologies as a tool for development by Edouard Moreau

- How to grow your creative business?

- Increase of investments and development of local communities: succesful examples by David Barrie


Winning idea

Platforma Market (Orange Team)
The idea of the Orange Team is to develop a platform for designer handmade workshops and open a design market in the Butyrsky district. The first step is to organise mini-production on the site of Flacon Design-zavod, specialising in product design, clothes and accessories. This ‘Platforma Market’ would be a creative platform for active young people (designers, artists, local residents and citizens) and would give them an opportunity to share their experience and also provide a good chance of starting their own businesses.

As Platforma Market needs support, it would be developed in partnership with the local authorities and representatives of local businesses.

Generally, a design market is seen as a new creative space which is popular among young people who are searching for original things, and it is also a platform for different entertainment and educational events. Finally, this project could be appealing to tourists, who would be able to buy interesting souvenirs on their way to/from the airport.

Winning ideas from the other teams

I & Co (Red Team)
The aim of I & Co project for Flacon design-zavod site is a creative cluster, a centre, connected with smaller colonies all around the district. These colonies would be platforms for various social networks involving active young people.

The programme for project’s development is as follows:
1)    to start with an exhibition ‘The World Around Us', involving young people and teenagers:
2)    to continue in the following year by celebrating of the Saviour of the Apple Feast Day and organising charity auctions:
3)     to change the image of the district in two years: to build an entertainment park with facilities for roller-blading, an apple garden, papier-maché sculptures (ice in winter) and to make Flacon a relaxing space for local people and their children.

This project should be developed in cooperation with the local authorities and youth organisations (youth parliament).

Artefactory (Yellow Team)
The idea proposes the creation of a two-fold space for Flacon, where the physical area is used as a space for creative people to live, work and produce in, while there would also be a special mobile space – a ‘Kiosk’ to share with the outside world the work created and produced at Flacon. All the people and companies based in Flacon would have access to the Kiosk and could use it. The Kiosk could be used for selling, performing, interacting, displaying and testing the work of Flacon residents. The main thing about the Kiosk is that it would be as interactive and up to date as the web, refreshed on a regular basis and represent the latest results of work. The Kiosk would be a flexible space and could be used in different configurations (education, market, performance and exhibition).

The Kiosk could also be a mobile structure that moved around Moscow, representing Flacon on Butyrskaya Street, in Winzavod, in Gorky Park, on the web, on Red Square etc., displaying the best creative ideas and products from Flacon.

Business incubator – Made in Buter (Green Team)

The business incubator is a socio-cultural programme of grants for small business projects with social value: cafes, galleries, shops, children studios, mini-cinemas, sports facilities, educational programmes, etc. The programme is an opportunity to support small business and to encourage the exploration of new business formats and activities. The criteria to select the best projects are as follows: branding and image policy; importance for the development of the district; novelty and attractiveness of the idea.

The project stimulates local people and innovators to cooperate. Local people become involved in the creative process, and together they create a bank of innovations and choose the best projects. Innovators have an opportunity to organise a community where they can develop their ideas and also promote their business. As a result business, the incubator would make the Butyrsky area a platform for various social activities and would offer a good start for young businesses.

Green Square (Blue Team)
Green square would be a creative centre which would suggest various activities for Muscovites. The centre would be built in accordance with the principles of green policy and used for various social activities. One possible use would be as a city farm – offering a unique chance for people to make their own little garden in the heart of Moscow.

This centre would also be used as a concert hall, as an exhibition hall and as a playground for children. It would be fitted with modern equipment, making it an ideal platform for conferences, workshops and other public events.