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Useful tools to make your city a better place

This section contains some practical tools for you to try and work with. They have been used in 70 cities throughout Europe and brought important and innovative results. Have a look at:
  • Future City Game - a team-based process designed to create new thinking and action to improve quality of life in cities
  • Urban Ideas Bakery – builds skills and shares experience on how cities ‘bake ideas’ – that is turn them into practical solutions,
  • Exploratory events - a series of events to provide a forum for sharing of knowledge and ideas about creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in urban development.
Why use these tools?
Using the methodology of the Future City Game or Urban Ideas Bakery provides an opportunity for cities to establish a competitive advantage and to attract creative talent, which further contributes to their future economic growth. Why not try it in your city or area?

Have you already used the tools?
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Do you know of any other useful tools?
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