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  • DIAGNOSIS WORSHOP: In preparation for the Urban Ideas Bakery in Pecs

    On 11-12 January 2010 the diagnosis workshop was held in Pécs, the next Urban Ideas Bakery host in Hungary. Sixteen enthusiastic local participants - representing various fields like city... › More

    • Feb 24, 2010
  • Urban Ideas Bakery in Pecs

    Between 3-5 March 2010 the Creative Cities Urban Ideas Bakery event arrived at its second stage in Pécs, Hungary. Local and international professionals gathered to seek short-, middle- and... › More

    • Feb 14, 2010
  • Snowy Secrets Behind Creative Cities

    We are getting ready for our Videnskabscafé  debate tonight with three experts on cities and creativity. A few hours ago I met with Neil McInroy from CLES who just managed to... › More

    • Feb 2, 2010
    • by Jacob Urup Nielsen
  • How to create creative cities?

    While a gentle snow storm has covered the city centre of Copenhagen under a white sheet, we are invited to join in the Science Cafe by tonights gentle host Gert Balling. Questions start popping up... › More

    • Feb 2, 2010
    • by Hans Meier Andersen
  • What are the basics for making creative, resilient cities?

    Research has shown that you can actually find some common conditions that are necessary to create creative cities. Here are some the notes from the presentations. 1. A creative city has a lot of... › More

    • Feb 2, 2010
    • by Hans Meier Andersen
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