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How Creative Cities helped to transform one of Warsaw’s streets

In October 2009, Future City Game in Warsaw brought people together to work on ideas for the shortest street in Poland - Samborska, in the New Town. The group’s visit to the 'scene of crime' showed the invisibility of the street – it was completely hidden in a tangle of bushes. Getting from one end to the other (only 22 metres!) was quite a challenge.

Six months later - another group visit to the 'scene of crime' - is this really the same place? The tangle of bushes has gone, the street is nicely paved, neat, with brand new plants at the sides. Divided into 22 one-metre sections separated by illuminated dividers embedded in the footpath, Samborska looks very attractive after dark. And there is a space designed especially for this particular Future City Game’s ex-players - mostly students of the school of architecture and construction, which is located opposite this street – they will be able to present their other work at various exhibitions in Samborska every now and then. Who knows - maybe thanks to the joint efforts of the British Council Warsaw, the authorities of the Śródmieście district of Warsaw and all the players – the freshly renovated, shortest street in Poland has a chance to become a magnet for architects, designers and artists from all over the world. A tiny 'Montmartre' in the very heart of Warsaw.

Photos from the opening of the 'new' Samborska Street are available here.

For more information, please contact: Agnieszka Wrycza, Partnerships and Projects Manager, British Council Poland