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  • 2010 Annual Polis Conference

    Learn about the innovative transport actions and policies pursued by cities and regions. Learn about current practice and future plans to: Reduce the environmental impact of road transport More effectively manage the movement of people and goods Deliver safer roads and a more secure t › More

    • 28.07.2010
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  • Future City Game in Warsaw: Culture without barriers

    This Future City Game took place in the University of Warsaw Library during an architecture exhibition entitled ‘Plans for the Future’. The purpose of the game was to discuss the availability of culture and cultural institutions in Warsaw for the disabled residents of the city. Find out › More

    • 12.07.2010
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  • The Future City Game: Zablocie for the Vistula, the Vistula for Zablocie

    The FCG ‘Zabłocie for Vistula - Vistula for Zabłocie!’ was played in Kraków on June 9 – 10, 2010. The aim was to work out ideas for enlivening Vistula’s Boulevards in the Zabłocie district. The game took place at Atelier Hothaus, a modern and creative, post-industri › More

    • 08.07.2010
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  • Creative Cities at II Moscow Biennale of Architecture (15 min film)

    A 15 minute film on the presentation of the Creative Cities project at the II Moscow Biennale of Architecture has been produced and we invite you to watch it.   › More

    • 06.07.2010
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  • The results of the photo competition: Transformations in the city

    The photo competition “Transformations in the City” is over and we are glad to announce its results. The winner of the competition is Valery Klamm – photographer and producer from Novosibirsk, coordinator of “Birthmarks on the maps” project. T › More

    • 05.07.2010
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