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  • Garden by the Way

    'Garden by the Way' (Vrt mimo grede) is part of a long-term Sostenuto project. It creates new spaces to enable people to cooperate actively in social and cultural contexts. The local district of Tabor in Ljubljana is home to the Bunker Institute, where the majority of activities took place. Find out › More

    • 17.10.2010
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  • 4th Annual Forum 2000 Conference in Prague

    4th Annual Forum 2000 Conference: “The World We Want to Live In” October 10–12, 2010, Prague   Held traditionally under the auspices of Václav Havel, the fourteenth annual Forum 2000 Conference took place in Prague on October 10–12, 2010. Nearly 100 global leaders › More

    • 13.10.2010
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  • TEDxLeeds2010: The City As A Platform

    TEDxLeeds2009 provided a platform for iconoclastic thought leadership, challenging orthodoxies and exploring unfamiliar territory, laying the groundwork for optimism and change. In 2010, the themes for TED and TEDGlobal have been “What the World Needs Now”; the TEDxLeeds team has chosen › More

    • 10.10.2010
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  • Creative Cities at White week

    Every year, the KaosPilots school from Aarhus, Denmark runs a week where classes are suspended and the school invites speakers from a number of other schools to attend the event. This year the theme is Urban Receipes. Find out more › More

    • 09.10.2010
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  • Rebuilding the city of Aarhus with coloured plastic bricks

    On 25 September 2010 British Council in Denmark and its partners Frontløberne and Center for Urban Kunst hosted a half day street art event around repairing the the cracks in the city using coloured bricks. Find out more › More

    • 08.10.2010
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