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  • Lab. Createric's

    New life in the city: green, fresh, without traffic jams. Why not? Watch the video here.   › More

    • 07.11.2013
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  • KEA - The video

    KEA is passionate about culture, arts, creative talents, sport ... Find out more about us and share our passion. Watch the video.   › More

    • 30.10.2013
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  • Shared economy system - The Aura City

    Can we identify weak experiences in the local environment and question them through design? Aura City project critically approaches and questions the future development of the economy driven by technology. Mara Balestrini, Sandro Engel, Ena Hadžić and Assunta Matassa have designed a design fictio › More

    • 26.09.2013
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  • I believe in lively cities

    Let me say that I do not believe in city planners. I believe that they are important but the city is an organism. It is alive. In Bilbao for example the planners decided to put along the river buildings and houses for people. Well, I do not believe in that also. I believe that city has own systems. › More

    • 15.09.2013
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  • The future of public services

    What is the future of ‪‎public services‬ and how can ‪‎equality‬ achieved? Today the ‪‎Equality Exchange‬ project launches 5 short think pieces from UK organisations. Read short summaries of the think pieces here.   › More

    • 28.08.2013
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