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Follow-up on Urban Ideas Bakery in Pecs, Hungary

Since the Urban Ideas Bakery workshop in Pécs, Hungary (3-5 March 2010), two projects have been outlined as follow-up activities from local (Pécs) bakers: 

  1. Map

    Urban Ideas Bakery local participants (representatives of the Labor Association) are working on a map project which will be a detailed tangible folding city-centre map, hand-drawn by Labor, mapping the cultural and civil associations and institutions of the city. There will also be short stories and anecdotes written about beloved community places e.g. squares where people meet, inner courtyards which people usually don’t know about etc.

    The association has won financial support for this project and will be able to print the map by 15 May and distribute it to tourist information centres by the end of May.

    The unique map will be produced in 3 languages: Hungarian, English and German.

    They are also planning to set up an online map where people could add their comments and stories about their favourite places.

  2. Participation at the London Festival of Architecture – June-July 2010

    The Hungarian Cultural Centre in London, and the Moholy-Nagy Art University in Budapest approached the British Council with the possibility of showcasing the Pécs Urban Ideas Bakery work at the London Festival of Architecture between 19 June and 4 July.

    Pécs local participants and international baker and designer Csenge Kolozsvári are in favour and participating at a discussion about the form of installation that best expresses the outcomes of Urban Ideas Bakery.

    The Festival is going be in a street in London similar to Pécs’ Király Street situation with abandoned shops.