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Industrial heritage: In the void between professionals and amateurs

The conference was organised as part of the 5th International Biennial Vestiges of Industry 2009 and examined results, difficulties, and the relationship between professional institutions and civic associations, volunteer enthusiasts, and state and local administrations regarding knowledge and conservation of industrial heritage and its conversion to new uses. These themes were tackled by a number of speakers from the academic environment, professional institutions, civic initiatives, interest and artistic associations and other groups, including Steve Miller, Chief Executive of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Bill Ferris, Chief Executive of Chatham Historic Dockyard and chair of the Association of Independent Museums, Norbert Tempel from Westfalisches Industriemusem in Dortmund, and Lars Scharnholz from the Institut für Neue Industriekultur in Forst.

Part of the conference and the final workshop focused on sharing knowledge across Europe, creating a platform for the exchange of opinions and for spreading information and awareness about the new uses of industrial heritage.

The two-day conference was organised by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage at the Czech Technical University (VCPD) in cooperation with the British Council. Apart from the conference, the Biennial offered a number of exhibitions, various cultural events and excursions on the theme of industrial heritage in the Czech Republic. For more information, please visit their website, Biennial Vestiges of Industry Facebook page , or contact Monika Klimentova at the British Council.