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Twenty ways to make your city a better place

The Moscow Picnic organised by Afisha magazine, which took place in Kolomenskoye Park and welcomed over 50,000 people, is the biggest open-air summer festival in Moscow. First of all, it provides a wonderful atmosphere, and is the realisation of a dream city for a single day. The residents and other visitors could attend numerous entertaining and educational events: concerts by famous European and Russian bands, fashion shows, summer games, films, lectures, master-classes, and enjoy food from all around the world.

‘Twenty ways to make your city a better place’ space at the Picnic was co-organised by the Cloudwatcher, and offered visitors an exciting programme of lectures, presentations, films and master-classes. The most active citizens and city organisations presented their creative ideas on how to invigorate our cities, leading architects and urban developers discussed the avant-garde, green transport and innovative social advertising, and creative people were conducted various master-classes. To rest a little from all these “serious” discussions, visitors relaxed by listening to our DJ, by exploring interesting magazines and books in our open air library, or just lying on comfortable cushions watching the clouds and drinking tasty coffee made by the Kofein coffee shop. All visitors interested in being more actively involved in the process of making their cities better places were invited to learn more about the Creative Cities project and join us at one of the events.

Photos by Evgenia Gerasimova, Olga Barnashova, Andrey Polyakov.