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Exploratory study: Social art project "Our everyday city travel routes"

On March 26 in creative space "Tasty", Martas street 1, took place an exhibition opening of social art project “Our everyday city travel routes”. It was organized by British Council Latvia in cooperation with creative space “Tasty”. For visitors the exhibition is available from March 27 to April 6. The entrance is for free.  

The aim of the exhibition is to invite visitors to think about how lifestyle, values and different choices like living space, transport and favourite shop influence everyday life and perception of the city and people in it. The exhibition also gives an introduction to the concept “psychogeography” of the city.

On March 17 project participants - 25 persons from different regions of Riga and different backgrounds were recording their everyday travel routes by making notes and taking photos of their main stops.

At the exhibition visitors saw project participants’ expositive pictures and travel routes. Travel routes was also summarized in Riga map thus showing existing and missing intersections.

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