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The Creative Cities conference in Stockholm

The Creative Cities conference and launch of the Breakthrough Cities Report sought to bring together people who believe that improved co-operation between different actors in society is crucial in order to achieve a sustainable future. People from different sectors took part in the conference and discussed how we can use creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation to tackle future challenges in society.

The day started off with Sirqus Alfon performing an energetic morning show which got everyone ready for the day. The conference participants were seated at small tables to encourage conversation and debate. The facilitator, Edna Eriksson, kept the momentum going throughout the day and a lot of words were exchanged between people and tables. The first speaker of the day, Carl Mossfeldt from Tällberg Foundation set the scene by talking about the consequences of the large system changes that we are facing both globally and locally, what he calls glocally. Ian Drysdale from the British agency Think Public talked about how they design services by using cutting-edge technique, and sourcing knowledge and expertise from the private and public spheres. Charles Leadbeater talked about his latest thinking "For, With, By". The other speakers were Karin Lekberg, Director of the creative suburban cluster Subtopia, and Katarina Berggren, Chair of Botkyrka Municipality Board.

The day was brought to a close with an open space exercise in which groups were formed and people discussed different issues. Many participants left the conference with heads filled with information and thoughts and new business cards in their pockets.

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Creative Cities Stockholm-Karin

Creative Cities Stocholm - Karin from Creative Cities on Vimeo.

Creative Cities Stockholm-Ian

Creative Cities Stocholm - Ian from Creative Cities on Vimeo.

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Creative Cities Stocholm - Charlie from Creative Cities on Vimeo.

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Creative Cities Stockholm - Carl from Creative Cities on Vimeo.