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Social and creative entrepreneurs: Europe – Russia

Are you a creative person? If you don’t hide from the heat and smoke in your country house, but come to work with your friends, you are 100% creative.

On 4 August, despite the weather difficulties, about 70 young specialists and experienced professionals took part in the workshop “Social and creative entrepreneurs: Europe - Russia”. Creators of non-governmental projects, and members of charitable foundations and social organisations shared their experience of working in the Russian market and talked about their future plans.

The central event of the workshop was an on-line discussion with  specialists from UK and Latvia. Sarah Longlands  (CLES - Centre for Local Economic Strategies) and Vita Brakovska (NGO “Knowledge and Innovation Society”) talked about social and creative entrepreneurship in Europe and gave some advice to those developing such innovations in Russia. Participants at the CLES Summer Summit 2010 in Manchester presented their views on the European experience in local economies.

The British Council presented a new project called Creative Economy, which is devoted to supporting social and creative entrepreneurs in Russia, developing perspective projects and helping those starting their own business.

For more detailed information (such as presentations, photos, information on participants and speakers), please visit our website.