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Books in Nowolipki - another future city game idea put into practise

In March 2010 we ran a Future City Game in Muranow, Warsaw – a district that was part of the Jewish Ghetto during the Second World War. The aim of the game was to find ways in which we can activate the residents of Muranow and improve the quality of life in this district,  and also make Muranow more attractive to the rest of Warsaw.

The winning idea was to initiate a book festival in Nowolipki (one of Muranow's streets, which has a long literature-related past). This would be a one-day event to encourage owners of publishing houses, bookstores, second-hand bookstores and Warsaw residents to trade and sell books. The festival would also activate the local community through various literature-related events in the backyards of the street and readings within the area of the Muranow district.

And that is what actually happened on Saturday, September 18th with the first 'Books in Nowolipki' event, which attracted many residents of Warsaw and the Muranow district. The event opened in Joanna Klimas Atelier with a lecture on the past of Nowolipki Street from the point of view of literature, and was followed by an interview with Józef Hen, a Polish writer and a longtime Muranow resident. After that, we could all go outside and exchange or buy the books on show along Nowolipki Street. As this first event was a success, we are already looking forward to more in the future that will attract crowds to Muranow.


Future City Game in Muranow