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City festivals as social initiatives

Future City Game on "useful" Cardboardia Materialization

The Future City Game will be held in the framework of the Cardboardia materialization in January, 12-16th 2011 in Moscow at the AVANT CLUB  (The Design Centre 'Artplay' on the bank of the Yauza River: Nizhnja Syromjatnicheskaja Street, 5/7).

The aim of the game is to create a useful event with social meaning, in accordance with the terms of reference of the festival organisers from Russia and Europe. One of the projects will be chosen by experts for realisation on the Cardboard Town platform on the day after the workshop. We invite experts in city planning, architecture and art from England, the Netherlands, Spain and Russia to take part in the Future City Game.

Participation is free, but competitive. For this reason, please complete the application form (see below). The completed form should be e-mailed to:

The deadline for applications from participants from outside Russia (if a visa is needed) is November 23, 2010, 15-00 (Moscow time). If you do not need a visa to enter Russia, the deadline is December 1, 2010, 15-00 (Moscow time).

The ten (10) most interesting applicants who are not from Moscow region will be provided with accommodation in Moscow during the event.

More information can be found in the attached press release and on this website.