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Public debate about creative industries in Prague

Hub Create aims to become a series of public debates about creativity. The first debate will take place on 18 November 2010 in the Hub in Prague.

Speakers include Martin Cikanek, author of the book ‘Creative Industries: Opportunities for the New Economy’. Martin is a member of research teams dedicated to the socio-economic potential of cultural industries in a country. The second speaker, Andrew Boleslav, is an artist and designer of interactive media, simulations, e-learning and virtual reality. The third speaker will be Nigel Bellingham, director of Creative Cities.

The lectures and discussions will be followed by informal networking.

What is the Hub? Hub is a work space where you can share an office with others, make your plans a reality, meet people, or just work undisturbed. Hub incorporates the advantages of a fully equipped office, internet café and business incubator. It works like a coworking space.

Hub facilitates knowledge and experience sharing and networking, and helps connect investors with innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs.

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