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AV:in course

The British Council Russia is happy to inform you of the launch of AV:in – an introductory course in audiovisual arts created by Yota and CyberBrothers that we support under our Creative Cities and Cultural and Creative Economy programmes. The course was officially launched on 15th October 2010.

AV:in consists of a series of modules covering six categories that unite global audiovisual practical experience, organising information into six categories: illustrating the history of audiovisual art; content creation; hardware; software, career outcomes; and pro–tips in an effective, video module based, educational programme in Russian and English.

The structure of the course is designed by AV:in project director Ben Sheppee, based on his years of experience in the industry and in collaboration with leaders in various fields of contemporary media art. AV:in project is part of the Audiovisual Academy, which is a platform of dialogue between experienced international audiovisual artists and professionals and the future generation of Russia’s audiovisual community. The AV:in introductory course is for a wide audience, and requires no special training; only internet access is required.

The portal is open for registration. In the future, after completion of the basic AV:in course, young professionals will be able to join the intensive AV:pro course. Students with a certificate in secondary education will be able to develop business projects and engage in internships in the creative workshops of the Academy - AV:lab.

The mission of the project is to fill the gaps in traditional education and pursue the smooth integration of young professionals in the international community of audiovisual art.

The educational resources of the site are complemented by a series of offline activities, such as workshops, lectures, and events like the forthcoming Yota SPACE exhibition.

UK contributors to AV:in course

Ben Sheppee, audiovisual director and producer, is founder of the video label Lightrhythm Visuals, and author of numerous publications on design and video production. Projects by Sheppee have been seen at the openings of the Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles, RESFEST Digital Film Festival in San Francisco, the night of audiovisual arts The AV Social in London, and the San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. Since the beginning of his career, Ben Sheppee has been among the top 20 VJ’s in the world according to DJ Magazine. His label Lightrhythm Visuals was deemed the “best content provider 2008”.

Onedotzero is a leader in the field of audiovisual content in the UK and founder of the onedotzero festival of digital visual arts. With over 15 years of experience in innovative media projects, onedotzero has acquired the status of an international community, with its headquarters in London. The studio is a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of multimedia content: from commercials to video art, audiovisual performances and educational programs. Every year, onedotzero produces more than 60 projects on four continents 

D-Fuse is a London based team of professional artists in the field of audiovisual media. D-Fuse integrates various techniques and areas of visual arts with modern technology, so that it becomes truly interactive and a mass media experience. D-Fuse’s original approach to live audiovisual performance is through harnessing the technologies of mobile media, print, web, architecture, television and film, and has brought them recognition internationally, their work being presented at major museums, galleries and festivals such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Eyebeam (London), Sonar (Barcelona), Prix Arts Electronica (Linz), Mori Arts Centre (Tokyo), the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco and the Rotterdam and Seoul film festivals.

United Visual Artists are a UK-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural projects, live performance and responsive installations. UVA collaborates with MTV Europe, Prada, and well-known musicians and performers such as: Basement Jaxx, U2, Arctic Monkeys and Massive Attack.