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Creative community planning brochure

This brochure offer a summary of the results of the "Creative Community Planning - European Citizens Network" project and the presentation of a new method of public involvement, the so called Future City Games, promoting general participative democracy. This project is aimed at creating a network connecting European citizens, civil society organisations and city representatives who are actively involved in community planning, taking role in the British Council Creative Cities project and in the Future City Games method implementation.

The project was implemented by the following non-profit organisations: Centre for Community Organising West Bohemia, CLES - Centre for Local Economic Strategies (United Kingdom) and Dodo ry (Finland), with the financial assistance of the European Union "Europe for Citizens" programme, the British Council and the City of Pilsen, candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2015 title.

The initial section includes information on the "Creative Community Planning - European Citizens Network" project. It is followed by a section devoted to the significance of public involvement and the role of creativity in city development planning. This section also introduces the international "Creative Cities" project organised by the British Council. The findings of this section confirm the key role of citizens' involvement in public affairs as well as that of the creative attitude in all walks of life for the development of cities. The last and most comprehensive part of this brochure describes the Future City Game method, its development, possible use and examples of successful Games and their evaluation. We also include a brief summary of discussions at a conference held within the "Creative Community Planning" project that dealt mainly with the challenges and recommendations concerning the use of the above mentioned method.

The project has also generated the website, the principal source of information on the project and a space for sharing contacts and information on similar events.