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Creative Cities champions are people who play an important role in promoting and disseminating innovations and ideas that make cities a better place to live, work and play. They can be individuals, or work within or across organisations. They involve in adopting or changing current ideas, practices or policies, as well as take lead in introducing new ways to address urban challenges.

  • Bohdan Shumylovych


    Bohdan Shumylovych has a Master degree in Contemporary and Modern History from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary, History Department, 2004-2005), an Art Historian's degree from the Lviv Art Academy (Department of the History and Theory of Art, Ukraine, 1993-1999) and has also taken classes at the Department of Project Management of George Washington University (Washington, USA, 2001-2002).

    He has studied and taught cultural and visual studies at Ivan Franko University in Lviv (Master Program in Cultural Studies) and has given lectures both in Ukraine and abroad. He has been awarded several grants and worked in audio-visual archives in Washington (Archive of the Department of Visual Arts of George Washington University) and Budapest (Archive of the Open Society Institute).

    Having developed a course in cultural urban industries and special expertise in the cultural regeneration of cities, Shumylovych has also headed the Division of Marketing and Cultural Industries at the Department of Culture and Tourism at the Lviv City Government.

    At the Center for Urban History, he directs multimedia library and is in charge of the development and organization of public events, leads media-library. He delivers lectures and teaches and also responsible for research projects.

    Selected Publications:

    •  ‘Cultural Industries in Contemporary City’ (in Ukrainin), in Sociaologia Mista (Urban Sociaology), Donetsk, 2010
    • "Vizualna ironia ta "ukr-such-mystetstvo" (in Ukrainin), IRONIA, Zbirnykstattei, Ed. Olena Haleta, Evgen Hulevych, Zoriana Rybchynska (Center of Humanity Studies, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv), Lviv: Litopys; Kyiv: Smoloskyp, 2006. p. 238.
    • "Do We Really Need Methodology from the West in Ukrainian Art Education?" (in English), Contemporary Change in Ukraine. Baltic and East European Studies, Vol.5, Sodertorns Hogskola, 2006.
    • "Istorychna model formuvannia muzeiv v Spoluchenych Shtatach Ameryky v drugi polovyni XIX-pochatku XX stolittia" (in Ukrainin), Narodoznavchi zoshyty, № 3, 2003.
    • "Paradyhma pizniogo modernizmu v amerykanskomu mystetstvi 1930-40 rokiv", Mystetska krytyka, Zbirnyk statei LNU, lystopad, 2003.
    • Translation from English a book of Hiep Hahort’s "Art Management" ("Litopys" Publishing House, Lviv, 2008)