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Creative Cities champions are people who play an important role in promoting and disseminating innovations and ideas that make cities a better place to live, work and play. They can be individuals, or work within or across organisations. They involve in adopting or changing current ideas, practices or policies, as well as take lead in introducing new ways to address urban challenges.

  • Galina Shavard


    I am in love with cities that radiate energy and blossom. Cities where you get a feeling that locals truly care about where they live, work and enjoy the everyday pleasures of life. Every time I find myself in a new place, I spend hours walking streets and searching for an accurate soundtrack for the city. I realise that this grand impression I get as a traveler is not something that comes easy, it's a lot of work done and thought put into it. It's somewhat ridiculous how little we do in Russia about our public spaces, how grey and flavorless most of them are and how strong the fear of change is. Having said that, I need to emphasise that I do believe in a very different scenario. Being involved in Creative Cities for almost 18 months so far and having conducted 3 games I'm proud to say that I’ve met a lot of people committed to the very idea of collaboratively making our cities liveable and attractive (and this idea sounds almost ground-breaking for my country). The Future City Game is one of the steps (and a thousand mile road starts with one step!) on the way to become more of a doer and positive thinker and much less of the one who complains and puts the blame on the government. I'm very thankful for the project to have taught me to see potential in people, stay open-minded no matter what and overstep my personal boundaries of comfort.