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Closer to you

Closer to you: a workshop to introduce design thinking for better interactions between citizens and local governments.

To celebrate the conclusion of the British Council’s Creative Cities project and to introduce design thinking into city planning, the British Council Latvia in partnership with Riga City Council City Development Department, the boutique consultancy Rode&Weiland and the London-based practice live|work is hosting the workshop Closer to you on 25 March 2011 in Riga at Hotel Konventa Seta.

Closer to you will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the concept of service design, its application in the city environment, successful cases in the UK and elsewhere, and as to become ‘service designer for a day’ and to try out innovative design methods and tools to solve real-life problems in the city of Riga. Service design discipline applies design thinking to solving problems and creating better solutions in our service-based economy, leading to cost efficiencies and savings, improved quality of services, and better customer experiences.

The guest lecturers will be Daniel Letts and Marianne Rolfsen, who represent the services design company live|work, “a unique multi-disciplinary team of designers, technologists, social anthropologists, marketeers, management consultants, operations professionals and entrepreneurs who bring an experienced, pragmatic, rigorous and passionate approach to the development of new breakthrough service propositions for clients”.

Closer to you will bring together academics, active citizens, architects, entrepreneurs, local government officials, and urban planners. The morning session, Service design masterclass, will be open to the public, and the afternoon session, Service design workshop, will bring together various stakeholders involved in city planning. You can find a more detailed programme here.