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About Contribute

We are actively looking for fresh and innovative ideas, methods, case studies, models and paradigms which tackle quality of living in cities.

We appreciate your interest in improving the knowledge and practice of city creativity and innovation.

Your contribution will help this website to become a well-populated resource for its users by adding material that enhances or shapes its content. We welcome your suggestions for improvement as well as new topics for a discussion.

The simplest way to get involved is to try out the methods and tools featured here. Let us know what works, and what not. If you've already tried one of the methods, share your experience in the comments, or add links, images and other material as further examples in the field. We want these examples to be relevant and useful.

We trust you to contribute positively. We are being as open as possible. However, if you are found to be abusing the system, or your contributions are not helpful (or relevant) we reserve the right to unpublish these comments or examples.