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Future City Game for Oslo Triennially

The British Council Norway, Norsk Form, Church City Mission and  The  Architecture Foundation London organised an international FCG event in East Oslo that dealt with the complex issue of Asylum, who decides where some groups should live and how a proposed Asylum centre might in fact contribute in a positive way to the local community.

Architecture Foundation  London  co-ordinated with us on the event sending 5 UK architects from 3 practices to be part of the event. They contributed energetically to the teams and will now draw up the 4 ideas that came out of the 4 teams for the Oslo Triennially at the end of September.

Planning is now taking place to turn the proposed community centre in Grønland, East Oslo into a temporary exhibition space for the triennially week where the FCG process, its outcome and the work from the architects will be exhibited. There will be further space available to act as a consultation and active workshop space where people can contribute further to this emotive debate.

We are very keen for your contribution. We will have two discussions running concurrently; one that focuses on how locals feel about plans for the centre and the other that can draw on international perspectives in regards to asylum, integration, space and cities.

 We are starting a discussion on the Creative cities group on facebook so please consider the following questions. Your comments will formulate the content of the exhibition as we project your ideas, discussions and thoughts on the wall throughout the event.

1. How do you create space for those who don't have one?
2. Who decides where people should live?

Please share your thoughts below or on our two Facebook discussions:
Question 1:

Question 2: