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Bazaar of UIB

The Bazaar of UIB took place yesterday in a small, cosy bar in the city centre. The bakers briefly and clearly presented four projects they had been working on.  First project was called "Otvirani reky" ("Opening the river") and it suggested a solution for the revitalization of river banks in Pilsen (by creating a multifunctional cultural and sport area with cafés, restaurants,...). The second one called "Park-um" concerned the revitalization of the Skoda park near the Central bus station. Bakers' idea was to create a new design park in cooperation with students. The third one's name was "Show your city" and it proposed creating an interactive map of Pilsen where anybody could post a comment about a particular place in the city. The last presented project was a short-term one suggesting to place a number of signs in the city centre that would encourage people to do unusual things. This project is going to be realized today during the final presentation in the streets. At the end, the bakers got a positive feedback from Milan Svoboda (the director of the candidature to the ECOC title) and other people in the audience. There was a nice atmosphere also thanks to a concert of a music band that followed after the presentation.

Now the bakers are finnishing the preparation for the final presentation that will take place in the streets of the city centre from 1 till 3 PM. We hope a lot of people will come...