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  • Stef Lewandowski about the city of Pilsen

    "I arrived to Pilsen and I walked along the river, I felt like I was in the countryside. But then I came to the city centre to the main square and I was amazed. The architecture is great. The word I would use for Pilsen is undiscovered." (Stef Lewandowski, international baker) › More

    • 13.06.2010
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  • UIB in Pilsen has started

    The Urban Ideas Bakery in Pilsen has started. The workshop will last three days and its objective is to come up with some creative ideas how to make the city of Pilsen a better place to live in. The biggest part of the participants are Pilsen inhabitants because they know the best what the problems › More

    • 12.06.2010
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  • Urban Ideas Bakery in three days!

    The Urban Ideas Bakery in Pilsen will play an important role within the city’s European Capital of Culture 2015 candidature. The bakers will discuss about public spaces, particularly the entry points - “the gates of the city”. The bus and train stations, which visitors see first ne › More

    • 10.06.2010
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  • FCG Poznań 23-24 April 2010

    On Friday and Saturday a Future City Game was played in Poznań. The game was called Green Workshop and focused on possibilities of revitalizing yards  of tenement houses in an old district of the city - Jeżyce. The area has beautiful architecture form the beginning of the 20th c. but much of › More

    • 26.04.2010
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  • Fourth Masterclass: Saeeda Ahmed, Trescom (Bradford, UK): ‘How to stick to your agenda and business plan’, 14.25pm (23/03/2010)

      Saeeda Ahmed, from Bradford, England, gave a very entertaining and personal presentation on the practical difficulties of setting up her training and community regeneration enterprise, Trescom, back in 2001. Learning the hard way with no funding or experience provided Saeeda with a wealth o › More

    • 23.03.2010
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